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Over the last few weeks we have been working on deadlifting with various clients and witnessing some great results. Some basic pointers that we have been getting clients to implement into their deadlift process are as follows:


1. Keeping their head up at the lockout position.


We noticed that a lot of people where tucking their chin into their chest at the lockout position and not keeping it in a neutral position, as your torso comes up so should your head so that you are looking straight ahead.


2.Pulling your chest through.


This is a key part of the lift ensuring that our clients create a strong start position and give themselves the potential to remain in a good position throughout the lift.


3.Driving into the lockout position right after the bar passes your knees.


As soon as the bar passes the knees the only thing we want you to think about is driving your hips forward combined with a powerful glute contraction into the lockout position. Do not over pull the finish just focus on the hips and glutes until you are in a straight locked out neutral position.


4. Take the slack out of the bar.


We have been focusing on getting clients to become part of the bar before their lifts, this is helping create full body tension pulling yourself into a strong starting position. If there is 100kg on the bar you should be putting a 100kg of force on the bar before it even moves.


5.Put your latts under tension.


This goes hand in hand when putting the tension on the bar, both together are setting your back position, creating your tension and setting the best possible start position possible. When you pull up on the bar it sets your latts and subsequently creates a tighter core before the lift.


6. Drive the floor away.


When you have got yourself into your start position and created your tension. drive the floor away from you as if you where doing a leg press!. This a great thought process to think about during your lift as it will most often ensure that your hips will not shoot out at the start position on your first pull!


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This article was written by Dave Henry