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The Importance of mobility

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Would you splash out thousands of pounds on a new car and drive it all year round and drive it without an oil change?


Well your body is the same, you need to be checking under the bonnet, make sure the breaks are working and everything else is in order! Make sure you are being preventative and not running your car or body into the ground.


How is mobility different to flexibility?


  • Flexibility= static stretching (being able to hold a position in a static non-moving position by lengthening the working muscle)
  • Mobility= dynamic flexibility (being able to move with greater range of movement)


Flexibility is great and very beneficial but is limited in that it only works muscular flexibility. There is no real merit to having good flexibility, meaning it is not going to drastically improve your performance or keep you as healthy as having “mobility”. Some of the best athletes in the world have terrible flexibility but have first class mobility.


Why should you set aside time for working on your mobility?


  • It helps to create more flexible and stable joints
  • It develops resilient ligaments which decrease your chance of serious injury
  • It allows us to perform better whilst training and performing everyday tasks
  • It facilitates better posture


We at 2D Strength & Fitness are putting all our clients through a warm up process to help them improve their flexibility and most importantly their mobility. Week on week we are noticing improvements from everyone in their range of movement during exercise and by helping develop these improvements their training is getting better and better as they progress and the risk of injury becoming substantially reduced.

Our process includes a self myofacial release (Foam rolling) on all required areas, static stretching on the calves, hamstrings, hip flexors, piriformis, chest and latts. Followed by dynamic hip mobility, posterior chain and thoracic mobility moving into core activation and then into active integration of all of the above.


This process has now after a few weeks become their responsibility and they have embraced the importance of such a vital part of their training. So take that extra 15/20 minutes before you begin your training and help yourself reach the goals that you have set out to achieve and don’t allow the lack of mobility stop you in your tracks!

This article was written by Dave Henry